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AIF #14 at Wanderin’ Weeta

Carpet beetle feeding on maple flower bud. © Wanderin' Weeta.

Susannah at Wanderin’ Weeta) not only has an inordinate fondness for beetles, she has been desperate for them!  You see, beetles and other critters are a seasonal fix in the Great North where she lives, and by the time March comes along she’s getting pretty antsy.  What better critter fix than hosting An Inordinate Fondness #14!  In surfing the web for coleopterous subject matter, she found most other North Americans also dreaming of beetles past, with more recent beetle sightings coming from a small Nearctic contingent that had managed to escape to Central and South America during the winter.  In the end, she came up with 21 beetle posts that relay experiences from all parts of the globe.  Take a look, click on the links, and see what those who have an inordinate fondness have been finding recently.

AIF #15 will be hosted by The Dragonfly Woman.  You can send your submissions directly to her, or use this handy submission form if you prefer.  Submissions are due by April 15th, with the carnival posting a few days later.  Also, I hope you’ll consider hosting a future edition of AIF – the June slot has just been snapped up by Morgan Jackson at Biodiversity in Focus, but all months from July and after are available.  Send me an email if you’d like to host.

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An Inordinate Fondness… for Beetles!

When asked by an English cleric what his studies of nature’s diversity had taught him about the Creator, 20th Century British geneticist and noted evolutionary biologist J.B.S. Haldane reportedly quipped, "He has an inordinate fondness for beetles." While there is some uncertainty whether Haldane ever actually spoke these words, no one can argue with their truth.

In fact, nearly half of all insects and one quarter of all described living species are beetles—350,000 and counting. They occur in virtually every habitat imaginable and exhibit innumerable, often brightly colored—even iridescent—and architecturally elaborate forms. Their impacts on humans are also many, not only as pests and beneficial organisms, but also as cultural symbols and objects of passionate scientific and philatelic interest.

An Inordinate Fondness is a celebration of beetles—of their indescribable beauty, amazing forms, and astonishing diversity. We hope you will join us in this celebration every month, as we highlight the best that the blogosphere has to offer on this fascinating group of animals.

The administrator for An Inordinate Fondness is Ted C. MacRae, author of Beetles In The Bush.

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